So this is exciting… a review I wrote for a live art event, ‘Sleep With A Curator’, part of this year’s Fierce Festival programme, was published by the very excellent on-line magazine This is Tomorrow

Full article:

Excerpt below:

I got all kinds of reactions from friends and family when I told them I was off to sleep with a curator. Your idea of hell or unique, horizontal networking? Aside from the humorous connotations it’s a simple idea – bring people together to eat, drink and then sleep. A tongue in cheek proposition and an artwork devised by artists Rosalie Schweiker and Maria Guggenbichler. This event felt intimate rather than exposing, even though I spent the night with a lot of strangers in a public place.

The project is continually developing. Each ‘sleeping’ (there have been five so far), is different from the last. This was the largest to date – over 50 people accepted the invitation to spend the night with Eastside Projects’ Director Gavin Wade.

Once we had eaten and settled into our accommodation for the night, Gavin began to read us a series of bedtime stories, carefully selected because of their significance to him, which included Buckminster Fuller’s ‘Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth’ and Dr Seuss’ ‘If I Ran the Zoo’. In the morning we were all treated to ‘Adventure Time’ inspired bacon pancakes made the Wade-way.